Vídeo: Margučiai


“As the Spring Equinox is drawing near, let‘s look at the traditional Spring attribute: a decorated egg which is known as Margutis in Lithuania, Lieldienu ola in Latvia, Pisanka in Belarus, Påskägg in Sweden. “It is a symbol of the creation of the world & the appearance of life on earth which reveals us the archaic world view of our ancestors. A painted egg is a bribe for a god. Our people used to be very religious and they thought that everything depends on God. So, a god needed to be pleased somehow: you cannot give him a regular egg – it needs to go through fire & water first (which means that it needs to be boiled in holy water and painted). In order to know which god an egg is designated to, it also needed to be mottled. If you present such mottled egg during Easter, it acquires magical properties.”

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